Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  1. A prepayment is required to initiate traffic.
  2. Our campaigns operate around the clock, and we strive to optimize hours as much as possible.
  3. If you request to pause traffic, we guarantee to do so within 48 hours of the request. However, please note that campaigns cannot instantly stop after going live. 
  4. Please provide us with the available desks in your organization, along with their operating hours. 
  5. Terminating the API from the advertiser’s side without prior approval while we send traffic during the agreed-upon time frame will result in the advertiser being charged for the number of leads that fail in CRG. (duplication failure not included)
  6.  The minimum deposit on the advertiser platform must be 250 units of the local currency for leads.
  7.  All leads with call-statuses indicating a sale will be included in your bill (e.g., deposit, completed, in-the-money, retention, converted, etc.).
  8.  Please note that we charge for every sale we see as an FTD in our system. Therefore, chargebacks, withdrawals, or any similar transactions cannot be deducted from the bill, as we pay our publishers accordingly.
  9.  We may deduct up to 5% of “invalid” leads from the calculation. Invalid leads will be verified through supporting screenshots and voice recordings. (wrong info/person/underage / language barrier / duplicate that came from us ) – those statuses will be verified by our team calling the leads. Leads with an invalid status that were not used fairly will be charged in the crg calculation. 

All invalid requests for lead dedications will be sent to our home brands for further inspection.

CRG (Conversion Rate Guarantee) Terms

  1. CRG may be applied to any geographic region.

  2. CRG is calculated weekly, every Monday for the previous week’s Monday to Friday.

  3. Only FTD with a signup date matching the CRG range date will be counted as CRG FTD.

  4. Late FTD from previous weeks will NOT be counted in the weekly CRG. (see 2. e for future explanation)

  5. Late FTD will be charged in full separately from the current CRG unless they replace a CRG debt from a relevant signup week.

  6. Weekend FTD will NOT be included in the weekly CRG.

  7. Every lead counts towards CRG, except for clear cases of credit card fraud or tests. Supporting screenshots and voice recordings must be provided for such claims.

  8. CRG is relevant around the clock, 24/5, unless the advertiser requests termination. With no explicit termination request of the CRG deal, the agreements will remain in effect weekly and monthly.

  9. To cancel CRG, at least 24 hours’ notice is required. We will make every effort to complete the cancellation as soon as possible. (special deals require a 48 hours notice)

Billing Terms

  1. Prepayments are required and should be sent by the advertiser and received in our accounts before traffic begins.

  2. Traffic will be stopped when the advertiser’s credit balance is approximately $3,000, with a minimum top-up of $10,000.

  3. The remaining credit cannot be used for new traffic, as it is held for late FTDs. To resume traffic, a second prepayment is required. We recommend keeping credit high at all times for smooth operation.

  4. Refunds will be processed within seven days.

Cryptocurrency payments

Crypto payments must include exchange fees according to the following structure: USDT-TRC + 5% USDT-ERC + 5% Bitcoin + 5% Wire transfer + 0% * must complete a KYC form & signed agreement.

  • Please note that we can only initiate traffic after receiving the payment in our bank account. Therefore, proof of payment required (POP)
  •  We expect full communication with your affiliate managers in the groups while we send live traffic ( at any hour that traffic is running ) 
  • When feedback is requested – it must be sent in full, including agent comment + KYC of the client. We see call statuses ourselves; therefore, we need full feedback such as: “No exp, 56 yo, looking for sec income, engineer, want auto trade”

We value our partnership and hope that we can work together to benefit both of our businesses. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns that you would like to discuss. We are always available to listen and assist in any way we can.